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76 New York Avenue
Halesite, NY, 11743
United States

Alchemy Apothecary is a complete lifestyle destination. We offer exquisite, high vibe, sensory experiences that invite our clientele to embrace and nurture both self and environment. Alchemy Apothecary is a trinity of my life experiences, passions and pursuits. The apothecary offers a selection of goods : tinctures, topicals, aromas, vessels, art, tools for yoga and meditation. The space at Alchemy Apothecary is a transitional room that is utilized prior to energy work. This is where clients are able to decompress and set intentions. This is also where yoga, meditation, sound healing and a plethora of wellness/ self care workshops will take place. Finally, "breathe" at Alchemy Apothecary is the treatment room-Energy healing through various modalities: gentle, grounding, breath focused, mind/body rituals.


Restorative Meditation with Acupuncture
7:00 PM19:00

Restorative Meditation with Acupuncture

Join us for a restorative evening of relaxation and renewal.

During this class, Danielle will guide you through a gentle meditation as you move into and are supported in restorative yogic posture. As you settle into calm, Brooke Zanni LAc, MAOM  will perform acupuncture. You will release deeply held tensions and experience the profound sensation of your innate ability to self-heal.

Space is extremely limited,

please RESERVE in advance.

Exchange: $50

Danielle Bauer, RYT, is a licensed holistic esthetician, aromatherapist and intuitive energy worker with over 20 years of experience. She created Alchemy Apothecary in 2016, with a mission focused on sharing her endless passion for self study, sacred self care and transformation in a deep and meaningful way. She is a dedicated student of life and is simply thrilled to be able to share space with her community as we evolve in connection to our higher beings.

Brooke Zanni earned a license in Acupuncture and completed her Master's Degree in Science at The New York College of Health Professions. As a therapist, her goal is not just to assist patients in achieving optimal wellness, but to truly educate her community about the restorative, rooting and healing benefits of Acupuncture.


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CrownWorks- A Conversation with Andi Scarbrough
9:00 AM09:00

CrownWorks- A Conversation with Andi Scarbrough

Around the world, beauty rituals have signifigant cultural and spiritual ceremony. In Western practice, however, it has become something else we squeeze into a lunch hour-- as much of a chore as an oil change. For many people, it is the one small semi-regular act of self-care they may practice.  

As one of the only professions that touches another other humans without gloves, we often forget the impact that can have, and the unspoken energies at play while this exchange is taking place. The purpose of this gathering is to create awareness and empower beauty service professionals with tools and understanding of how energy work WORKS in the setting of our industry. 

We will talk theory, tools, and practices that will empower you and your guests. You will walk away with a better understanding of why and how energy is being exchanged, how to maintain a clean and clear environment for you and your guests (and I’m not talking about State Board standards) practices to ground and clear yourself, and how to manage responsible boundaries and handle some of the sticky stuff that comes up as a person is processing and releasing while in your care.  

• Are you feeling keenly aware that there is an opportunity for deep transformation available that goes way beyond the treatment being perfomed? 

• Are you feeling a little energetically spent (like-- TAPPED OUT) at the end of the day and don’t know why?

• Has the glint of a CrystalComb caught your eye and you want to know what in the WORLD you do with a tool like that? 

• Are you ready to incorporate holistic modalities into your existing business and don’t know where to start?

Join me as we explore how we can serve beyond the service

This is a full day workshop with a one hour break for lunch.

Investment: $177

Please reserve promptly as space is extremely limited.


Andi Scarbrough bio:

More than 15 years ago, I began a passionate romance with hairdressing; 10 years of which has been spent in beauty industry education. I discovered there was a specific stream of conversation I found myself having both in the classroom and the salon, and it had way more to do with the humans BEING in our chairs than the techniques we were practicing on them. One thing became evident as a through line from the classrooms I facilitated to my own experiences behind the chair: There is WAY more happening here than just a haircut. 

In 2007, I first began practicing Reiki, ebbing and flowing on my own spiritual journey, I studied different aspects of my Christian roots, as well many other faiths, including Shamanism and Pagan rituals. In 2015, I enrolled in the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program. This lead me down a sometimes surprising road to additional courses of study including dream interpretation, intuitive mentorship programs, a certification in ministry, life coaching, and practice of native rituals; a list which continues to expand. These years of learning and self-exploration have served to both illuminate and reconcile what seemed like unrelated areas of interest into an aligned journey. 

These recent years have pushed my work to an even deeper, more expansive love of the beauty industry. Realizing the the full potential of the intentional connections we experience every day led me to curate highly specialized offerings to share with my clients and colleagues. With CrownWorks, an opportunity arises to give space to the emotional and spiritual needs of clients, bringing meaning and ceremony back into their beauty rituals. 

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SOULCARE Session with Simi Fromen
10:00 AM10:00

SOULCARE Session with Simi Fromen

Join writer and yoga instructor Simi Fromen, for an empowering SOULCARE session.

During this workshop, we will explore yoga, meditation, breathwork and specific journaling exercises speaking to the heart of self love and self care.

Signed copies of Simi's book, "Ascending Voice" will be available for purchase at this event.

Bring a journal, pen and open mind.

$40 exchange

Reserve your space

Simi Fromen is a mother, author, therapeutic yoga teacher and inspirational writer. She embraces the messy parts of life and encourages others to do the same. Simi works with people as individuals, coaching them toward their goals. She created SOULCARE- sessions of  mindfulness, breathwork, affirmations and specific journaling exercises that help forge a path to a happier, healthier you.

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Reiki Healing
7:00 PM19:00

Reiki Healing

Join us in the exchange of powerful energy through the ancient practice of Reiki.

Increase your life force energy, reduce stress and calm the body and mind. 

Restore your unique physical, mental and spiritual balance.

Clear your auric field, liberating blockages and expectations.

Set powerful intentions to release into blossoming manifestation.

After opening our hearts, softening our body and mind, we will journey...

Using sound frequencies, we will deepen meditative consciousness and explore the spiritual dimension of reality.

This Ancient healing practice will guide you toward connecting with your higher self and your spiritual allies, encouraging a sense of trust in the wisdom and healing energy that you hold, able to both give and receive.

This class is open to everyone- no previous experience is necessary.

Please dress in comfortable clothing and bring a journal or book to document your experience.

Investment: $35

Please reserve in advance.

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Drop-in Meditation
11:00 AM11:00

Drop-in Meditation

Gift yourself a moment of quiet and connection...

Let's sit, breathe and set mindful intentions for the coming year.

This is a drop-in, donation only, community event.

All proceeds will be gifted to a local charity.

Please bring a non-perishable food item to support our Island Harvest drive.

Suggested exchange: $10



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Drop-in Gratitude Meditation
6:30 PM18:30

Drop-in Gratitude Meditation

Gift yourself a moment of quiet and connection while helping to better our community.

Let's sit, breathe and set mindful intentions for the coming year.

This is a drop-in, donation only, community event.

All proceeds will be gifted to a local charity.

Please bring a non-perishable food item to support our Island Harvest drive.



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