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76 New York Avenue
Halesite, NY, 11743
United States

Alchemy Apothecary is a complete lifestyle destination. We offer exquisite, high vibe, sensory experiences that invite our clientele to embrace and nurture both self and environment. Alchemy Apothecary is a trinity of my life experiences, passions and pursuits. The apothecary offers a selection of goods : tinctures, topicals, aromas, vessels, art, tools for yoga and meditation. The space at Alchemy Apothecary is a transitional room that is utilized prior to energy work. This is where clients are able to decompress and set intentions. This is also where yoga, meditation, sound healing and a plethora of wellness/ self care workshops will take place. Finally, "breathe" at Alchemy Apothecary is the treatment room-Energy healing through various modalities: gentle, grounding, breath focused, mind/body rituals.

Alchemy Apothecary Sacred Cacao 10 mg CBD

Tools for Intentional Living

Alchemy Apothecary Sacred Cacao 10 mg CBD


Alchemy Apothecary Sacred Cacao 10 mg CBD


Indulge your senses and awaken the healing powers of your endocannabinoid system with our transformative dark chocolate. A synergistic blend of ancient, sacred plants that promotes well-being and inspires bliss.

Each perfect, bite sized piece contains 10 mg of pure hemp derived CBD and full spectrum turmeric in a base of raw, organic heirloom cacao.

We are thrilled to announce the birth of Sacred Cacao!


All chocolates will be shipped between 13-17 November 2017.

Please enter code from our instagram story to take advantage of this promotion.

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