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76 New York Avenue
Halesite, NY, 11743
United States

Alchemy Apothecary is a complete lifestyle destination. We offer exquisite, high vibe, sensory experiences that invite our clientele to embrace and nurture both self and environment. Alchemy Apothecary is a trinity of my life experiences, passions and pursuits. The apothecary offers a selection of goods : tinctures, topicals, aromas, vessels, art, tools for yoga and meditation. The space at Alchemy Apothecary is a transitional room that is utilized prior to energy work. This is where clients are able to decompress and set intentions. This is also where yoga, meditation, sound healing and a plethora of wellness/ self care workshops will take place. Finally, "breathe" at Alchemy Apothecary is the treatment room-Energy healing through various modalities: gentle, grounding, breath focused, mind/body rituals.

Tools for Intentional Living

Julisis Eyemulsion


Julisis Eyemulsion

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The sensitive eye area needs intensive yet gentle care.

The Julisis Eyemulsion is a protective eye cream with an alchemistic combination of botanical extracts of jojoba oil, rockrose and echinacea with white diamond essence, copper, iron.

This eye cream has been specifically developed to nourish the eye area in order to prevent premature aging, minimize fine lines and wrinkles and prevent irritations.


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aqua (spring water), aloe barbadensis (aloe extract) , simmondsia chinensis seed oil (jojoba oil) glyceryl stearate citrate (herbal wax),cetearyl alcohol (herbal wax) glyceryl caprylate (herbal wax) olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil) glycerine (herbal glycerine) lactobacillus ferment (lactic acid ferment) butyrospermum parki butter (shea butter nilotica) hydrolyzed soyprotein) caesalpinia spinosa gum (tara gum) triticum vulgare germ oil (wheat germ oil) calendula officinalis flower extract (marigold flower extract) sodium hyaluronete (bio hyaluronic acid) p-anisic acid (anise) xanthan gum (fermented corn) alcohol denat (grain alcohol) echinacea angustifolia meristern cell culture (echinacea stem cells) cistus ladaniferus (cistus extract) sodium phytate (natrium salt) lactic acid (vitamin e) arginine (veg. Protein) rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract (rosemary leaf extract) helanthus annuus seed oil (sunflower oil) jlde® (julisis liquid diamond essence) jlce® (julisis liquid copper essence) jlie® (julisis liquid iron essence).